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Rosacea skin care routine

As those of us with Rosacea prone skin or other sensitive skin condition know, skin care is a real concern and can leave us with many unanswered questions. 

What cleanser should I use that won't irritate my face?
Where can I find a soft washcloth that won't hurt my face when I wash it?
What moisturizer will give me enough moisture without being too greasy?
What sun screen should I use and should I use it with a regular moisturizer?
What make-up should I use that won't irritate my face?
What make-up should I use that will cover the redness?
What medication should I use on my face that will work?
What if I have to go without my medication for a night?
How long after applying the rosacea medication should I wait to apply a moisturizer?
It is my hope to ease some of your concerns and give you at least some of the answers you may be looking for.

What Causes Rosacea?

Just to give you some background, I'll quickly summarize what I've learned about what causes Rosacea. Learning about what causes it helped me develop a routine to keep my skin Rosacea-free.
Research has shown that bacteria and/or face mite's are possible contributors to Rosacea break-outs. Others believe it to be a vascular disorder because of the flushing and redness, or aggrivated nervous system sending out increased blood flow to the face during stress, causing swelling to the skin. Rosacea symptoms can also be triggered by certain foods, exercise, stress, skin care products, weather conditions, etc.
*[see Rosacea.org]

Rosacea Skin Care Routine

I'll admit it, my skin care routine has taken over. I'm officially high maintenance.  It's important to me to keep my face as clean and clear as possible and I know that if I follow my skin care routine religiously, I have clear skin much more often. So all the work and attention to my skin care routine is worth it!

Everyone's skin is different, but this combination of care and products works for me. Hopefully it can work for you too!

Laundry care to prevent Rosacea flare-ups

Preventing face mites or other bacteria is key for me. I wash sheets & pillow cases together; and bath towels and washcloths together in hot water with dye-free, hypoallergenic detergent. I dry each set on hot, with no fabric softener. Do not combine any other laundry to these loads to keep bacteria to a minimum.

Skin Care to prevent Rosacea flare-ups


  • Wake and shower immediately to wash mites / bacteria from face
  • Shower water is comfortably warm, but not hot
  • Wash hair first, then body, rinse all soap off hair and body
  • Wash face last with fresh, clean Fairface Washcloth (softest washcloth for Rosacea and other sensitive skin)
  • Use Eucerin Redness Relief Cleanser on soft side of washcloth, gently apply without scrubbing.
  • Rinse cleanser off face
  • Wrap hair in hair towel
  • Use a clean, dry washcloth to pat dry my face
  • Apply Rosacea topical medication (I use metrogel 1%)
  • Wait about 10 minutes and apply Vanicream moisturizer to face
  • After 15+ minutes, apply Eucerin Sunscreen 30 to face, neck and chest area
  • After 10+ minutes, apply medium coverage Mary Kay foundation make-up with a new clean non-latex make-up applicator sponge

  • Use elastic headband to pull back hair
  • Rinse face with warm water (not hot)
  • Apply Eucerin Redness Relief to the soft side of a clean, fresh Fairface Washcloth, and clean face gently without scrubbing
  • Blot face dry with a fresh, clean hand towel
  • Apply Rosacea topical medication (metrogel 1%)
  • Wait about 10 minutes and apply Vanicream to face and eye area
  • Apply 2% acne lotion just to nose and upper lip area

Put a clean, fresh pillow case on pillow (I use one side for the first night and flip it and use the back the 2nd night; then replace it the 3rd night with a clean one. Keep away those mites!)

Other tip:
I also find that if I'm outside for at least 30 minutes a day my skin seems to be better overall. Being outside allows ultraviolet light to kill bacteria and mites on your skin. A bit of sunshine is best, but always wear sunscreen and stay cool (rosacea likes to flare in heat).

Since I started this routine, my face has been so much clearer and virtually flare-free! Making sure to use a clean, fresh Fairface Washcloth for every face wash, blotting dry with clean hand towels or clean, dry washcloths (to keep laundry load smaller), laundering towels and sheets with hypo-allergenic detergent and no fabric softeners to alleviate chemical irritants, and using clean pillow cases nightly has dramatically increased my clear, non-irritated skin.

Hope some of these tips help.
Wishing you happy skin too!
*Stay tuned for a future posts with additional tips to keeping your face Rosacea flare-free!

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