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, also known as Rosacea Washcloths, are the best washcloths on the market for sensitive skin. Whether you suffer from Rosacea, Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis, or overall sensitive skin, Fairface™ Washcloths can offer you soothing relief.


Our unique, signature, soft imported 100% cotton flannel soothes your face as it cleans gently, without redness & irritation. No added cleansers or chemicals. Pair with your favorite cleanser. Wash & reuse.
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Hidden Rosacea trigger: are you at risk?

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Hidden danger to Sensitive Skin ©ShannonSorensenDesigns
Those of us with Rosacea go to extremes to keep our skin clear and free from nasty Rosacea break-outs. We watch what we eat to avoid food triggers, stay out of extreme temperatures, wash our pillow cases, sheets and towels with hypoallergenic detergents, and use only the gentlest skin care products.

But did you know, that with even our best intentions, there may be an invisible trigger, putting your Rosacea-prone skin at risk?

This simple test will tell you whether your sensitive, Rosacea-prone skin is in danger of this hidden threat. And it only takes a matter of minutes.

Step 1: After you have laundered your towels, soft washcloths, and pillow cases, fill a glass bowl with water.

Step 2: Immerse one of your items in the water and give it a swish.

Step 3: Examine the water. If you see bubbles and suds, this shows that your laundry detergent has not completely rinsed out, and can cause redness and irritation, and Rosacea flare-ups.

softest washcloths for rosacea and sensitive skin, stop break-outs
Simple tip to prevent Rosacea flare-ups & protect sensitive skin ©ShannonSorensenDesigns

Step 4: If you find detergent residue in your water, simply toss your items back in the washing machine and select "rinse cycle" to give them a clean rinse and test again if necessary.

Using Hypoallergenic Detergent 

Although using hypoallergenic detergents on towels, washcloths, pillow cases and sheets is essential for those of us with Rosacea and sensitive skin, to prevent harsh chemicals, perfumes and other irritants to disturb our delicate skin, it is also essential to make sure those detergents are fully rinsed after being laundered.

Think of is this way. Would you wash your face with laundry detergent? Probably not. But when detergent residue is left behind on your sheets, towels, and washcloths, you are in essence, washing, drying, and even sleeping on those detergents. And although hypoallergenic detergents are much more gentle than regular detergents, direct contact to sensitive, Rosacea-prone skin can cause irritation, break-outs and flare-ups.

Wishing you many days ahead of happy skin!

Fairface Washcloths™ the softest, gentlest way to care for Rosacea and sensitive skin

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